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Memorable Educational Visit to Japan

Japan’s economic strength, its position in international political affairs, and its role in world history make the country an important destination for educational visits. Every young student who arrives in Japan will leave him spellbound, maybe even shaken, but basically stimulating to learn more. Well, that’s Japan, developed countries that prioritize education.

Life in Asia’s Most Expensive City – First-time visitors, especially students who are in the city on an educational visit, may be quick to realise that Tokyo is a place of stark, albeit delightful, contrasts: its tall, gleaming skyscrapers often stand side-by-side with traditional Shinto shrines and other religious temples, where cherry blossoms dazzle along with the city’s neons. The most famous ‘skyscraper cluster’ in the city is, of course, the district of Shinjuku, with its increasingly crowded skyline and its medley of high-end department stores, hotels, and bars. But in terms of shopping, nothing beats Ginza, where hands-down the fanciest stores both Japanese and foreign congregate and cater to a crowd of highly demanding tastes. Meanwhile, for a closer look at Japan’s teen culture, specifically to see what the hip youngsters prefer, a trip to Shibuya and Harajuku can be deeply enlightening. Indeed, Tokyo presents an intense and unique learning opportunity for those seeking to understand how people live in such a mega city.

Japan’s ‘Traditional Side’ – Beyond the glitz and glamour of the country’s capital city, there lies the side of Japan that has been preserved for centuries-where the cobble-stone roads exude with the charm of the countryside and where the many ancient temples and mansions of the old nobility quietly speak of the country’s colourful Medieval past. Kyoto, for instance, is renowned around the world for its sheer beauty. As the country’s former capital, Kyoto is therefore rich in architectural gems, culture and history-the mere chance to encounter Kyoto’s wonders alone could be worth a life-changing educational visit. Moreover, you will find the world-renowned Osaka Castle in the city of the same name-a castle whose architecture and treasures represent important moments of Japan’s history.

Memorials to the Atomic Bomb – Reaching the city of Hiroshima takes only a quick trip on a bullet train. The city’s tragic role during the tail-end of the Second World War has transformed it into the proverbial Ground Zero of any discussion concerning the significance, threats and other raging issues that surround the creation of nuclear weapons. Any educational visit to Japan, therefore, would be sorely incomplete without making a meaningful stop in Hiroshima. Consequently, the city has a number of memorials or monuments pertaining to the explosion of the world’s first atomic bomb in 1945, foremost of which is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Located within the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, the museum serves as a dramatic, if biased, monument to what the people of the city suffered during the bombing. Elsewhere in the city, there are other great, beautiful landmarks that are still somewhat related to the 1945 atomic bombing – such as the reconstruction of the 16th century Hiroshima Castle (the original was destroyed during the bombing) and the Shukkeien Garden (also vaporised as it was only more than a kilometre from the blast’s epicentre).